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Regulation and verification of compliance of operations with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation).

The Regulation provides, inter alia:

  • establishment of personal data records
  • stricter conditions for processing of personal data
  • complying with the privacy by design concept
  • preparing an impact assessment on the risks in protection of personal data
  • appointment of data protection officers
  • notifying the supervisory authority and the individuals affected in the event of a breach of personal data protection (data breach notification)
  • much higher fines for offenders: the maximum fine will thus be € 20.000.000,00 or 4% of the total annual turnover – whichever is higher
  • the possibility of obtaining certificates and adopting specific codes in the field of personal data protection.

This is one of the key topics of interest to companies’ boards, supervisory boards, entrepreneurs and IT contractors providing support to other companies.

As part of the legal advisory support in the Law Firm Stušek, Ltd., we offer comprehensive solutions, consistency of operations in the GDPR world, and protection of personal data as well as of classified information/trade secrets. Our experts have extensive experience in the field of personal data protection, and can provide you with legal advisory support to establish the specific, custom-made legal rules, required by your organization in terms of the content you need. Within the Link Centre we also provide a technical stress test. This is intended to ensure that the regulatory framework within the company is consistent with the activities of the company, and furthermore ensures compliance of the company.

Therefore, our services are not intended only for formal preparation or establishment of the rules for the legal compliance of your organisation with the GDPR, but also to ensure that you and your organisation use personal data protection as its comparative advantage, and that the actual situation is consistent with that recorded.

We offer

  • preparation of impact assessment
  • preparation of corresponding internal catalogs and records
  • assistance in establishing a Data Protection Officer (we assist in the establishment and education of an internal Data Protection Officer or offer you the services of the Law firm Stušek Ltd. as an external Data Protection Officer)
  • preparation of Rules on the processing and protection of personal data which are in accordance with the Regulation
  • preparation of protective measures
  • preparation of appropriate legal bases for data extraction
  • preparation of corresponding statements or consents for processing personal data in a manner consistent with the requirements of the Regulation
  • we check and advise on the compliance of your organization and / or business models with the Regulation

In the case of established rules, we advise you on the compliance of the rules on processing and protection of personal data with the Regulation, and within our Link Centra provide you the help of top IT experts who will ensure that the prepared legal records correspond to the compliance of your organization’s business operations with the actual conditions.

All of the above stated services can be selected individually, modularly or in packages according to your specific needs or specific aspects of your organization’s operations.

For further information, contact us and we will prepare you an individual tender with an included financial evaluation of selected services, which best suit your organization’s needs.