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As dictated by the nature of legal profession, where confidentiality is crucial, we provide secure encrypted connection for email and telephone communication to all clients of the Law Firm Stušek, Ltd.

In cases, where the nature of the projects undertaken or the needs of the clients dictate the highest level of protection of communication between the attorney at law and the client, we offer technically sophisticated data protection and confidentiality of electronic communication (written and telephone).

Technology Solutions for Secure Communication

Law Firm Stušek, Ltd. uses various technological solutions and world-accepted standards and services, such as:

  1. E-mail communication:
  • PGP / GnuPG cryptographic security and email signing,
  • The public PGP / GPG key of the law office and of individual lawyers, employees and associates is available at the secretariat of the Law Firm Stušek, Ltd.


  1. SMS or Text messaging:
  • Signal
  • Biocoded
  • TextSecure
  • Wickr


  1. VoIP calls:
    • Signal
    • Biocoded
  • Redphone
  • Viber

For technical details of the technologies mentioned above, we direct you to the above mentioned web addresses, or to contact us at or call us on +386 (0)3 82 82 100, in order to connect you with our IT expert within our “Link Centre”. They will assist you with software installation and setting-up the initial communication.