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One entry point - Link Center

What is the Link Centre?

We provide our customers with a single point of entry to meet the challenges from different areas, as we believe that solutions are always integral – only through the integration of different areas of expertise we can find a holistic solution.

Why the Link Centre?

In order to achieve good results and when dictated by the needs of the case, project or individual characteristics of the case. This provides multidisciplinary advice and holistic solutions.

When the Link Centre?

When a holistic approach to a particular case requires the pooling of legal and other experts, needed to solve the case. By identifying the root causes we take a focused approach to work with the aim of achieving good results.

For technical details of the technologies mentioned above, we direct you to the above mentioned web addresses, or to contact us at, or call us on +386 (0)3 82 82 100 in order to connect you with our IT expert within our “Link Centre”. They will assist you with software installation and setting-up the initial communication.