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What is distance counseling?

It is a consultancy, carried out in the form of video conferencing (voice and image) or audio conferencing (voice). It is intended for anyone who is unable to meet us in person due to time pressure, geographical, organisational or any other similiar reasons.

Who is it for?

Using modern forms of communication, we provide law services and legal advice to clients, who are located away from our branches, who are mobile or working abroad. With this, we gain time, we can engage in business meetings and operate in common matrix teams.

Using various technologies for video conferencing

Skype provides free voice and video conferencing anywhere in the world. The program is independent of the environment (computer, phone, tablet) and therefore accessible at every step of the way.

FaceTime provides free voice and video conferencing anywhere in the world, but can only be used in the Apple environment.

If you want to involve multiple participants remotely, the only solution is a conference call. It can be done in voice or video format.

Other remote communication options are also available, which we need to agree on in advance, given our technological capabilities.

For technical details of the technologies mentioned above, we direct you to the above mentioned web addresses, or to contact us at or call us on 03 82 82 100, in order to connect you with our IT expert within our “Link Centre”. They will assist you with software installation and setting-up the initial communication.