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The door of Law Firm Stušek, Ltd. is always open for new employees, distinguished by professionalism, ambition, dedication, authenticity, and precision. We want to work with people who can make the right decisions at the right time, are responsible, able to find effective solutions, have a critical and an analytical mind, excellent communication and rhetorical skills, and, above all, who share our values.


Applications can be sent to us at, together with a CV in Europass form and a Cover Letter. In the latter, state your current professional experience, possible experience in law, your personal qualities and abilities that would enable you to make a contribution to the Law Firm Stušek, Ltd., and what would convince us to invite you for an interview.


In case of interest, we will talk to you in person, ask you some situational judgement questions to help us asses your critical thinking and ability to solve challenges, and ask you to perform a brief written exercise. We expect honesty, that you are true to yourself, and knowledge of working areas of our law firm. At the interview, you have the opportunity to ask questions.


If you are interested in a job at our company, we will store your personal information in our recruitment systems. We use the information stored in our systems to inform you and determine if your qualifications and profile meet the requirements of a specific vacancy.


For this purpose we:

  • process your personal information based on your consent when you provide us with your personal information;
  • process your contact information, job information (such as your CV, your past employment, past education, etc.) and your correspondence with us regarding the job applications (including recommendations).