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hOPS Attorney at Law application

At Law firm Stušek Ltd. we are committed to digitization, i.e. “legal tech” or “newtech law” and the introduction of modern technologies into practice. We introduce a number of digital solutions into our business processes to provide our clients with fast and quality lawyer services.
To this end, we have developed the hOPS Attorney at Law application, which is intended for first aid in the form of attorney services. When police or inspectors knock on the door of your office or home, you can use the hOPS Attorney at Law application to get a lawyer’s advice immediately on what to do or not to do in a given situation. The hOPS Attorney at Law application is a manifestation of the principle that the most appropirate right is the fastest available right. The menu system of the application makes it quick and easy to use.
Law firm Stušek Ltd.
The hOPS Attorney at Law application contains:
    • immediate lawyer’s advice on how to proceed if you find yourself in different legal procedures, such as in police proceedings, inspection procedures, proceedings with the Public Agency for the Protection of Competition and other official procedures, what to do or not to do, what to say, who to call,
    • how to send a message to the law firm, that you need a lawyer, with one click,
    • how to quickly secure evidence,
    • how to act in the GDPR procedure regarding the protection of personal data,
    • how to handle information system intrusions,
    • how to immediately provide the lawyer with key documents from the procedure
      how to contact the law firm and consult about the legal situation,
    • * The paid version of the application also includes the current capture of the GPS coordinates of your phone, which gives the opportunity for a lawyer to arrive at the place of investigation faster and more accurately, if necessary and coordinated beforehand with the law firm.
Anyone who is or will use the hOPS Attorney at Law mobile application is invited to provide us with feedback and suggestions regarding additional usage options, as we want that you have the best user experience possible.
The hOPS Attorney at Law application is the official application of the Law firm Stušek Ltd.