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General Terms and Conditions of Online Store Law Offices Stušek d.o.o.

I. General

The General Terms and Conditions of Online Store are drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1), the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1) and the Attorneys Act (ZOdv).

The online store (hereinafter referred to as the "online store") is operated by the Law Firm Stušek, Ltd., Ljubljanska cesta 14, 3000 Celje, which is also an e-commerce service provider (hereinafter also the provider or the Law Firm Stušek, Ltd.).

Information about the e-service provider:

  • Company: Law Firm Stušek, Ltd.
  • Headquarters: Ljubljanska cesta 14, 3000 Celje
  • Registration number: 6735622000
  • Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +386 3 82 82 100
  • Fax: +386 3 82 82 101
  • The tenderer is entered in the court register of the Celje District Court under filing number Srg 52675/2014.
  • The tenderer is liable for payment of value added tax (VAT); the VAT ID is SI48373842.

These General Terms and Conditions define the operation of the online store, the rights and duties of the visitor, user and buyer, and the business relationship between the seller / provider (Law Firm Stušek, Ltd.) and the user as a buyer or customer – subscriber to the services and / or products offered by the law firm’s online store.

The General Terms and Conditions determine the operation of the online store, the rights and obligations of the user and the online store, and govern the business relationship between the provider (the law firm’s online store) and the buyer.

The buyer is bound by the general terms and conditions at the time of purchase (submitting the online order). The user is reminded of the general terms and conditions of the contract every time when placing the order – by doing that he also confirms its familiarity with them, as well as the explicit knowledge of personal data protection and legal notice, which is an integral part of these general terms and conditions.

The General Terms and Conditions are published prominently on the website and are permanently accessible on all pages and any subpages of the Online Store. The tenderer also explicitly points out the General Terms and Conditions before purchasing, and requires that the buyer be acquainted with them and agree with them before making the purchase. If the buyer disagrees with them, they cannot make the purchase. The provider reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions of the online store at any time without notice. Changes will take effect on the day of their publication. All changes to the General Terms and Conditions are binding for the users.

The online store is open every day of the year, 24 hours a day. For various technical reasons, doing business through an online store can sometimes not be accessible. Therefore, the provider reserves the right to restrict or stop the access to the online store site for a fixed or indefinite period. The provider assumes no responsibility for the inactivity of the store due to ignorance of the use, for any consequences of misuse of the online store, inactivity of the service due to network failure and power outages, or other technical disturbances that could temporarily, or even for a long time, disrupt the usage.

II. Access to information

The bidder commits to provide the buyer with the following information before being bound by the contract or an offer:

  • information about the Law Firm Stušek, Ltd. (name and registered seat of the company, registration number, tax number),
  • contact information that enables the user to communicate quickly and effectively (e-mail, phone),
  • essential features of sales services and draft documents (products),
  • accessibility of services and draft documents (products),
  • terms of supply of services and products,
  • the prices, which must be clearly and unambiguously specified and must show whether they already include taxes and any additional other charges, and the period of validity of this information,
  • the method of payment and delivery or fulfillment, and the period of validity of this information,
  • the validity of the offer,
  • a deadline, within which it is possible to withdraw from the contract, and conditions for the withdrawal (description of the right of withdrawal in accordance with Article 43h ZVPot; the buyer is explicitly notified in cases where (s)he is not entitled to withdrawal in accordance with Article 43h ZVPot),
  • an explanation of the complaint process, including contact information or customer contact information.
III. Definitions of terms in an online store

V spletni trgovini uporabljamo naslednje pojme:

  • A user or visitor of an online store is the person who uses the online store.
  • A buyer in an online store is a user, who makes a purchase through the registration process or a purchase without registration. The buyer can be a consumer or a legal entity. If the buyer is a legal entity, the personal data of the legal representative of the legal entity shall be entered in the business information entry fields. In order to exercise the rights under the Consumer Protection Act, it is necessary to distinguish between a buyer who is a natural person (consumer), and a buyer who is a legal person. Buyers who are legal entities are not subject to the provisions of the ZVPot, but rather the provisions of these general conditions, under the terms of the law.
  • The order or purchase are all services or products, ordered by the buyer in the provider’s online store.
IV. Types of users

You can purchase the services and products in the Law Firm’s online store:

  • without registration and
  • by registering / signing up in the online store at

By registering in the Law Firm’s online store, the visitor gets a user name that is identical to the email address entered, and a password that the user defines himself. The username and password of the user are unambiguously determined and linked to the information entered.

The order may be executed by a natural or legal person.

When the buyer places an order or registers in the store, they confirm and warrant that he or she is of age, has full legal capacity, and the necessary legal and / or contracting powers.

If the purchase is made by a legal entity, additional data fields must be filled in to identify the legal entity and the responsible person of the legal entity, who has the power to enter into the contracts, to order services on behalf of a legal entity and receives the invoice.

By purchasing a product, the visitor or the user becomes the customer.

The tenderer may also contact the buyer by telephone through the entered telephone number to verify the information or to ensure the accuracy of delivery. Upon the confirmation of the order, the bidder shall notify the buyer by e-mail about the order received.

V. Order

Services and products of the online store can be ordered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can be ordered in Slovenian. The service is performed and delivered in Slovenia.

The contract is divided into:

  • service contract and
  • ordering of the products.

The execution of the ordered services is carried out through video-conferencing and represents the service, performed in Slovenia. The buyer may be located anywhere in the world, provided he has access to the World Wide Web (Internet) with sufficient bandwidth (Internet speed) to perform video conferencing.

The execution of the ordered products is carried out by downloading the ordered electronic documents to the customer’s information system, and as well represents a service performed in Slovenia. The provider passes the ordered electronic documents from its servers hosted in Slovenia to anywhere in the world, provided there is access to the World Wide Web (Internet).

In the case of a service contract, this electronic notification does not confirm that the service will be provided as well, since it is necessary to verify before fulfilling the service that all conditions for the performance of services are fulfilled under the terms of the law, governing the advocacy. If it turns out that the conditions under the law, governing the advocacy, are not fulfilled / the service cannot or may not be provided, any money already deposited will be returned to the customer and the buyer will be notified by e-mail.

In the case of payment by invoice, the buyer will receive notification of confirmation and dispatch of the order after payment of the invoice. When the total order amount is credited to the provider’s bank account, the order is paid. The buyer has 3 days to pay for the order after the invoice; if he does not pay the order within that time, the service provider can cancel the service order.

If the provider suspects that the online store has been abused, the order may be rejected.

The purchase agreement or the invitation to submit the offer is stored with the provider, and the registered user can access it at any time through their online store user account. In any case, the user may request the purchase contract by e-mail:

VI. The ordering process

Steps, leading to the placement of the order

Until the purchase agreement is made, the following steps are available:

  • Search for a specific service or product in the online store
  • Choice of service or product in an online store
  • Adding the selected service or product to the basket
  • Signature / agreeing to a payment arrangement in accordance with Article 15 of the Attorneys Tariff
  • Choice of payment method and payment
  • Reviewing the order
  • Signature / agreeing to the general terms and conditions
  • Confirming and placing the order and therefore completing the purchase
  • Receiving an order confirmation e-mail

Technical means of identifying and correcting errors before placing the order

  • Prior to completing and placing the order, the user – in this case the buyer – can:
  • See and review what services (s)he selected and added to the basket
  • See and review the price of each service product and the total price of the all the selected individual services or products
  • Changes the amount and type of the service or product selected
  • Removes the services or products from the basket
  • Adds an account for businesses
  • Changes his or her payment method
  • Reviews and approves individual changes.

You can terminate the ordering process at any time by closing the browser window, unless you have already confirmed the order with the ‘Order Confirmation’ button immediately after the order summary. In this case, please contact us at +386 3 82 82 100 or at for any additional information.

The tenderer sends the order confirmation to the stated e-mail address of the buyer. All orders are stored electronically with the tenderer. Automatic order confirmation will be forwarded to the e-mail address you provided. If you have not received your confirmation, please contact us at If you chose to make a pro-forma invoice payment, you will receive an e-mail with a pro-forma invoice and instructions for paying the pro-forma invoice after ordering.

In the case of mandatory fields that are required to order the service or the product, these mandatory fields are specifically marked.

VII. Prices

Prices, published on the provider’s online store, are indicated in EUR (Euro) and include VAT, unless otherwise stated. Prices are valid at the time of order and do not have a fixed duration. The price with tax included is shown separately – with each service or product offered.

The prices are valid at the moment of placing the order, and are given under the terms of the Attorneys Act and the Attorneys Tariff (Article 15), and regulated in accordance with the respective publication in the online store. All prices are for online ordering of products only.

Given the nature of the legal services and counseling provided, which are regulated in accordance with the terms of the Attorneys Act and the Attorneys Tariff, and despite the extreme efforts to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information, it can happen that the price information may be incorrect or wrong – depending on the service ordered, determined only after receiving the basic information from the buyer. In this case, the tenderer informs the buyer about the change in the price of the offered services before changing or processing the order. The tenderer will inform the buyer of the new prices, and the buyer will have the opportunity to:

  • change his order or
  • cancel it in whole or in part, or
  • confirm the order at the new prices, respectively or
  • withdraw from the purchase and return the money paid in case of payment.

The contract of sale between the tenderer and the buyer is made:

  • in case of the download of the products at the moment when the tenderer confirms the order;
  • in the case of the purchase of consulting services (individualized service), when the provider confirms the execution of the order, and the buyer and the provider agree on the time of the performance of the service. In case the tenderer and the buyer do not agree on the time, the money is returned to the buyer.

The invoice breaks down the price, tax, and any costs, associated with the purchase. The buyer is obliged to check the accuracy of the invoice information before placing the order. In case of errors, the buyer is obliged to notify the tenderer within 8 working days at the latest. Subsequently, the tenderer does not consider the objections about the accuracy of the issued invoices that were submitted after the stated deadline.

When dealing with the public sector or all legal entities, obliged to do business with e-invoices, an e-invoice is issued.

VIII. The contractual relationship and the rights and obligations of the parties

Provider’s online store allows you to pay:

  • through PayPal, whereby the provider does not collect credit card information or store it in any form on its servers or system
  • by advance payment of the purchase price to the tenderer’s transaction account, by the tender or by the pro-forma invoice. The payment information (transaction account, transfer purpose, reference) is obtained at the end of the offer, after you choose the payment method.

The cost of printing and storing the downloaded electronic documents or products are charged to the user. In the event, where a specific action is required to perform the intended procedure (e. g. certification, payment of court fees, regulation at an administrative unit, at a state body in court, etc.), such editing, sending or performance of the action is in the exclusive domain of the user.

In no case shall the provider carry out such sending or take any other actions that would assist the user in achieving his / her goal or purpose, unless the user and the provider agree otherwise in writing or arrange it in a legal representation.

For services, made or performed by the provider individually, upon prior request from the user, which the user sends by mail, e-mail, telephone, online chat, video conferencing or by a prepared online contact form published on the provider’s website, the contract is concluded when the provider receives payment of a pro-forma invoice, which the provider then sends to the user to his or her e-mail address. If the price of such service is not known by the user in advance (due to the nature of the service itself), the price shall be determined by the provider on the basis of the estimated scope of work, and communicated to the user in writing to his e-mail address. In this way, the provider informs the user of the price of the service and provides him with a pro-forma invoice for his payment of the service.

IX. Individual services

Individual services of the provider mean all the services and counseling via e-links (e-mail, video conferencing, web forms, etc.), which are individualised and adapted to the specific needs of the user / customer. They are made according to the customer’s question and description of the circumstances (facts and evidence). The user receives individualised services to his or her e-mail address or in the form of a real-time legal advice via video conferencing or in another way, agreed between the user and the provider.

The price includes elaborate advice that is given based on the question and the information, provided by the user. Additional answers requested by the user that are based on new information shall be charged extra – subject to prior agreement between the provider and the user.

The price of the individualised service – counseling via e-link is given on the website. However, the provider explicitly states that the buyer agrees that the provider may unilaterally, in its sole discretion and without any reason, withdraw from the execution of the order or the contract itself (does not provide the service), in case it identifies a possible conflict of interest or estimates that the previously submitted volume of documents and / or evidence, the magnitude, complexity, ambiguity of the issue and / or other circumstances of the matter go beyond the execution of the ordered or purchased services. In this case, the provider grants the option to the buyer to have its money, paid for the service, returned, or the provider and the buyer agree on an appropriate correction of the value of the service, and on the basis of that issue a pro-forma invoice that the buyer is obliged to pay.

X. Execution of the contract

All orders, placed in the online store, except for those specifically marked or where time is of the essence and a part of the product offered (essential services of the provider), we will process as soon as possible. This usually means within 7 working days; in the case of video conferencing services, we will coordinate the date of the video conference within the same period. In extreme cases, the supply of the services – coordination of the date (videoconferencing consulting) takes up to 10 working days, otherwise the tenderer allows the buyer to withdraw from the purchase. If the deadline is exceeded for reasons from the buyer’s side, it is not possible to withdraw from the contract.

The provider will carry out the individualised services during the working week, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, and within 10 working days of receiving of the order (unless different and faster delivery times for legal services are part of the product). The tenderer reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract (and not execute the contract) in the event of a tenderer’s preoccupancy. In this case, the buyer is notified by e-mail. In case of cancellation of the order by the tenderer, the money is returned to the buyer; the buyer agrees with this and doesn’t have the option for any other claims against the tenderer.

Pursuant to paragraph 5 of Article 43č of the Consumer Protection Act, after the conclusion of the contract with the provider, the user does not have the right to withdraw from the contract, but this does not apply to products or services, for which the provider may explicitly state that withdrawal is possible.

XI. Contract withdrawal

Depending on the nature of the legal services and legal advice from the provider, it is not possible to withdraw from the contract after executing the order, since these are services and / or products that are:

  • tailored to the specific, individual needs and questions of the consumer (advisory services), or
  • digital content (products) that are not delivered on a tangible medium if the provision of the service has begun on the consumer’s express prior his or her consent.

The provider allows the buyer to withdraw from the contract of consulting services or orders (leased consulting time) up to 48 hours before the execution between the provider and the buyer of the agreed deadline for the video conferencing or service delivery. The buyer has the possibility to postpone the agreed date to another appropriate time, or to withdraw from the order, and the tenderer returns the money to the buyer. In case of cancellation of the contract or order by the buyer within less than 48 hours from the agreed execution of the order, the tenderer will withhold 50% of the payment, and the rest is returned to the buyer.

XII. Legal warnings and liability discharge

The tenderer strives to ensure the highest quality and up-to-date content, but explicitly emphasises that all the products and services, and any other information on the provider’s website are available to the user as they are, without any guarantee of their accuracy and usefulness for the user’s work or purpose.

The tenderer respects the honest and fair business practice, expects the buyer to review the final billing before payment, and in case of irregularities warns him accordingly. The buyer is obliged and responsible for the legal transactions that occur upon payment of the purchase price, thereby (s)he acknowledges the accuracy of the final invoice and the goods ordered. Product photos are symbolic and may not reflect the actual situation.

The individual provider’s services (legal opinions and / or legal assessments) are made in accordance with the required due diligence, on the basis of the submitted question, facts and evidence provided by the customer, positive legislation, and on the practice of the competent courts at the time when the service is provided. The provider grants the service according to the information and documentation provided by the user. The provider gives no warranty that the user will be able to resolve or improve their legal situation or problem with the advice that they receive from the service. The provider assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage, in any form whatsoever arising from the user because he has followed the advice he has received within the service.

The opinion of the regulatory authorities or the courts in the matter may be different from that expressed in the provider’s services. Any legal advice is not applicable in the event of a change in legislation and / or case law. Any legal opinions are not directly applicable in court proceedings.

Individualised provider services (legal opinions and / or legal assessments) are given for the needs of the user and not intended for distribution to third parties; it represents a trade secret of a confidential nature, protected under the Attorneys Act.

All communication between the provider and the buyer on the subject matter of the case / issue is considered confidential, privileged communication, and is part of the protection of the confidential relationship between the client and the attorney at law / the law firm in accordance with the applicable Attorneys Act.

The provider makes no guarantee that the user will, with the help of the provider’s products and / or services, achieve the desired goal or success that (s)he pursues in his business or activity.

The nature of legal and attorney advice is a mandate agreement.

Products (e-documents) are informative in nature and should be tailored to the specific needs of the customer, as well as to the needs or nature of the case.

The provider’s services in the form of a legal advice and opinion are informative in nature, and are carried out on the basis of available information and documents provided by the buyer. In the case of consciously and / or unknowingly concealed facts and evidence, given by the buyer, the legal assessment or the opinion of the provider may be significantly different or – in extreme cases – deviate entirely from the suggestions, ideas, opinions and the right estimates that were given, and may therefore be completely wrong.

The provider shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages or inconveniences that may occur to the buyer or third parties in connection with the use of provider’s services. The provider is also not liable for any damage that may occur to the user as a result of the inactivity or inaccessibility of the law firm’s website, the law firm’s online store or any of its subpages.

XIII. Protection of personal and other information

The provider complies with the standards of the Personal Data Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, and the Rules on the Protection of Personal Data at the Law firm Stušek, Ltd., which regulate the processing of personal data, security measures and its procedures, including liability and control in the processing of personal data.

All personal information of the online store user is confidential, and will in no case be disclosed to any unauthorized person. Online purchasing requires the collection of certain personal information. The information, provided by the user to the provider, is not passed to third parties, except for the purpose of confirming the validity of the purchase, invoicing the purchased products, and to the accounting for proper recording of business events.

We do not share the data with third parties other than contractors, with whom we have a contract for the protection of personal data, and who are contractually bound to the same standards of personal data protection as the processor.

We collect personal information with the explicit consent of individuals. We keep them together with their contents and the contents of the form, in which they were obtained.

We store personal data files in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and do not transfer them to other countries.

By purchasing from the online store, you explicitly agree that the personal information you provide at the time of ordering is stored and used solely for the purpose of fulfilling the order, and your e-mail address may be used to inform you of any updates or services done by the provider.

Accordingly, we provide the following information with the subject:

  • company contact information,
  • the purposes, bases and types of processing different types of personal data of individuals,
  • the retention time of different types of personal data,
  • the rights of individuals in regards to the processing of personal data,
  • the right to lodge a complaint concerning the processing of personal data.

1. What information do we collect?

If you are a visitor of the site, we collect information about you only by using cookies. If you are a user of the services or a subscriber of the services, provided by the company, we also collect other personal information about you that is necessary for the performance of the services that you have ordered or that you use. This personal information is:

– name and surname
– contact e-mail address
– contact telephone number
– IP address
– information for the making offer according to your request (your address, tax number).

2. Who manages the site?

The website is operated by the provider – personal data processor:

Law firm Stušek, Ltd.
Ljubljanska cesta 14
3000 Celje
Registration number: 6735622000
Contacts for users regarding the processing of personal data:
Phone: +386 3 82 82 100

For questions related to the protection of personal data, please contact the authorised person for the protection of personal data in the Law firm Stušek, Ltd., attorney at alw Janez Stušek at: +386 3 82 82 100, e-mail:

3. Use and transfer of user data

When we collect user information on our site, we do so in order to provide you with the most comfortable user experience. We will not sell, share, or otherwise transfer your information to third parties except to provide the following services:

  • execution of the ordered services;
  • possible notifying of the provider’s news and services;
  • information about the course and expiry of the contractual relationship, current novelties, products and services of the provider;
  • contacting via e-mail or company e-mail address as part of the satisfaction check.

We actively strive to take all necessary steps to ensure the highest possible data security and to comply with legal provisions when dealing with the user data. All our employees must respect the confidentiality of your personal information.

We will only use the data as described above, or as we have explained when requesting information.

4. Use of cookies

Like most other websites, ours occasionally uses “cookies” to protect certain information on your hard drive or on another location on your computer. This means that your web browser “remembers” certain settings. In addition, cookies help us determine how you use our site. Some web browsers offer the option to notify you about cookie settings and reject them; if you use it, it may be that not all features of our site are fully available. You can set your browser to be informed of the cookies settings and choose yourself whether to accept them, or you can turn off cookies in certain cases or in general (if you do not accept cookies, you may limit the functionality of our site.). If you reach the link, used by third parties through a link on our site, it is possible that you may need to deal with cookies on that site again. Our privacy policy applies only to our site.

5. The purposes of processing and the basis for data processing

5.1. Contract-based processing:

As part of the execution of contractual rights and the fulfillment of contractual obligations, the provider processes your personal information for the following purposes: identification of the individual, preparation of the offer, conclusion of the contract, provision of the services ordered, notification of any changes, additional details and instructions for use of the services, to solve any technical problems, objections or complaints, for billing of the services, and for other purposes, necessary to perform or enter into a contractual relationship between a business and an individual.

When billing for services based on tax rules, we also obtain and process your address for purpose of the correct invoicing

5.2. Law-based processing:

Based on sufficient legal grounds, we use your personal information to detect and prevent fraudulent use and misuse of services, further to ensure the stable and secure operation of systems and services, as well as for the purposes of implementing information security measures, meeting quality requirements, and detecting technical defects in systems and services.

Based on sufficient legal grounds interest, we also use your personal information for the purposes of potential enforcement, judicial and extrajudicial recovery.

In accordance with the General Regulation, in case of suspected abuse, the company can to a reasonable and proportionate extent process the data on individuals for the purpose of identifying and preventing possible fraud or abuse and may, where appropriate, forward this information to other providers of such services, business partners, police, the public prosecutor’s office or other competent authorities. For the purpose of preventing future abuses or frauds, data about the history of identified abuses or frauds in connection with an individual, such as subscriber information and, for example, IP address, may be retained for up to five years after the termination of the business relationship.

5.3. Processing on the basis of consensus for processing personal data:

Data processing may also be based on the consent you provided to the provider.

Consent may, for example, relate to informing about the offers, benefits and improvements of the services, provided by the provider. The purpose of such information is to bring the services as close as possible to your needs and desires, and therefore increase their useful value for you. Notifying is done through the channels you have selected in the agreement. You may cancel your notification at any time in the manner, specified in the Privacy Policy.

You may withdraw or modify your consent at any time in the same manner as you have given it, or in any other way as defined in the Privacy Policy, whilst the company reserves the right to identify the customer. The change of consent can be arranged, inter alia, by e-mail to or by written request, sent to the address of the company headquarters.

Withdrawal or modification of consent only applies to the data, processed based on your consent. The valid consent is the last one we received from you. The possibility of revoking consent does not constitute a waiver in the individual’s business relationship with the company.

6. Restrictions on the transmission of personal data

If necessary, we will authorise other companies and individuals to perform certain tasks that contribute to our services. In such a case, the company may also provide personal data to such carefully selected external processors, who will enter into a personal data processing contract with the company, or into a substantially identical agreement or other binding document (the “Personal Data Processing Agreement”). We will only transmit or make such information available to external processors to the extent, required by a specific purpose. This data may not be used by an external processor for any other purpose, and (s)he must meet at least all the standards of processing of personal data, provided by applicable law. External processors are contractually obligated to respect the confidentiality of your personal information.

On the basis of a reasoned request, the tenderer shall also provide personal information to the competent state authorities that have a legal basis for this, apart from the exceptions, intended for by the Attorneys Act. The tenderer will, under the terms of the Attorneys Act, e.g., be able to respond to the requests from courts, law enforcement, and other national authorities, which may include the national authorities of another EU Member State.

7. Period of retention of personal data

The retention period is determined by the category of the specific data. We keep the data for as long as is it necessary to achieve the purpose, for which the data was collected or further processed, or until the statute of limitations for the fulfillment of obligations or the statutory retention period expires.

The billing information and associated contact details of individuals may be kept for the purpose of fulfilling their contractual obligations until full payment of the service, or until the expiry of the limitation periods in relation to an individual claim, which may last from one to five years by law. Accounts shall be kept for 10 years after the end of the year to which the account relates, in accordance with the law governing the value added tax.

We retain other information, obtained from your consent, until revoked.

After the retention period has expired, the data shall be erased, destroyed, blocked or anonymised, unless otherwise intended by the law for each type of data.

8. Provisioning and updating

If you would like to review the information that we have stored about you, please contact us by phone or e-mail, and we will be happy to inform you. We are reachable at the phone number +386 3 82 82 100 or by e-mail at

9. Rights

We ensure you to exercise all your described rights without unneeded delay, and in any event at least within one month after we received your request. We reserve the right to extend the period for exercising our rights by up to two months, taking into account the complexity and the number of requests received. Where there is a reasonable doubt in relation to the identity of the individual, making the request concerning one of his rights, we may request the provision of  additional information necessary to confirm the identity of the subject, to whom the personal data relates.

If the requests of the data subject are visibly groundless or excessive, especially because they are repeated, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee or to refuse to act on the request received.

In accordance with sectoral legislation, we allow you to exercise the following rights in relation to the processing of personal data, namely:

  • Right to be forgotten – if the individual no longer wants his or her personal data, stored and processed by the processor, to be processed, and provided that there are no legitimate reasons for its further retention, the individual may at any time require the processor to delete his or her data.
  • Right to know how long personal information is stored.
  • The right to request access to your data, their correction or erasure, and the right of complaint or objection to the processing of personal data.
  • The right to request a restriction on the processing of personal data
  • Right to transferability – an individual may, as long as (s)he wishes, require from the processor to provide him or her with the personal data, relating to them, which they have provided to the processor, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable form.
  • Right to appeal and sanction – an individual has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority, as well as the right to appeal against the decision of the supervisory authority or, in the event of the supervisory authority failing to act, the right to compensation and liability.
  • The right not to be subjected to measures arising solely from profiling, analysis or anticipation, using automated means of processing.
  • Right to withdraw consent – the individual has the right to withdraw consent for further processing of personal data, especially in the case of direct marketing.

The data subject has the right to file a complaint regarding the processing of personal data. Please send your complaint regarding the processing of personal data to the e-mail address, or by registered mail to the headquarters of the organization.

Likewise, any data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner if (s)he considers that the processing of personal data concerning him / her violates the provisions in the field of personal data protection.


XIV. Conflict solving

Moral disputes shall be settled mutually. If no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be settled at the competent court in Celje. The user shall have the possibility of an independent settlement of disputes and other legal remedies in the courts which have jurisdiction over the substance of the case.

The user may send appropriate agreements, comments, requests and statements arising from the contract with the tenderer to the address Odvetniška pisarna Stušek d.o.o., Ljubljanska cesta 14, 3000 Celje, oz. to e-address:

In five working days, the tenderer would have confirmed that he had passed the complaint and informed the user of the town that he had been informed and that he had informed the proceedings of the proceedings. The tenderer shall request his best possible ability to resolve disputes mutually.

With regard to the nature of industry services and the regulated activities of the industry, the Supervision of Slovenia also exercises supervision over the implementation of the industry. Users may assert their rights, which they also derive from the nature of the sector before the said authority oz. Odvetniško zbornico Slovenije.

In accordance with the legal norms, it does not grant a bona fide exporter of an external dispute for consumer disputes as competent for the resolution of a consumer dispute which the consumer could easily acquire in accordance with the Act on the Exceptional Settlement of Consumer Disputes. The branch office, Stušek d.o.o., who, as a provider of services, allows a comprehensive trade in the territory of Slovenia, will publish on his website an electronic link to the Platform for Comprehensive Resolution of Consumer Disputes (SRPS). The platform is free for consumers HERE.

That Regulation provides for an exemption from the Law on the external settlement of consumer disputes, Regulation (EU) No 1095/2010. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the comprehensive settlement of consumer disputes and amendments to Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC.


XV. Security

The provider shall use appropriate technological and organisational means to protect the transfer and storage of all documents submitted, and of personal data, orders and payments transmitted.

XVI. Final provision

These General Terms and Conditions are valid from the date of validity, which is indicated in the header of the  document, and may be amended or supplemented by the tender at any time without beforehand notice or warning.

Version: 1.0
Validity from: 7/1/2019