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About the law firm

Law Firm Stušek, Ltd. is a family company, created by two partners. Together with our colleagues, we form a team that builds on a quality attitude towards all stakeholders. We are focused on the added value, commonly set goals and strive for a very high level of professionalism. We make sure to provide our customers with a single entry point to meet the challenges from different areas.

We believe that comprehensive solutions are always integral – they cannot be achieved with a narrow-minded approach.

In order to obtain good results, especially when those are dictated by the needs of a case, a project or individual characteristics from a business we took over, we work in the form of a Link Centre: a professional centre of expertise, which brings together legal and specialist experts, who are crucial for the specific case. With a professional, holistic approach and identification of key causes we undertake the work in a focused way in order to achieve excellent results.

We guarantee professionalism, personal attitude, innovation, holistic counseling, and vitality in the sense of new information technologies that make our services better and faster.

We cover all areas of attorney and legal representation. We operate in B2B, B2C and B2G segments.


The mission of the company is based on our raisson d’être (reason for existence), which is built on integrity, consistency, presence in the moment, creativity, responsiveness and accessibility. We believe that the success of the clients we represent and advise, as well as our success, is only possible if we remain true to our core principles, and if we build a quality relationship with our customers, associates, employees, engaged external experts (Link Centre), and other stakeholders and general public.

With a meaningful, justified and harmonized relationship between the quality of a professional, multidisciplinary consulting and the price, we are committed to create satisfaction and confidence in relations with our clients. We focus on their needs and on the challenges they face. By analysing the causes and effects, we try to find original and optimal solutions, and propose the right and creative measures.

We are constantly opening up new perspectives, and we are a stable and credible business partner of the companies, public sector and individuals, as well as leading brands and start-ups.

With continuous education, trainings, comparative methodologies and case analysis we achieve excellence, creativity and originality.


Law Firm Stušek, Ltd. advocates for recognition by a personalised approach and comprehensive legal advice.

We provide attorneys-at-law support to private and publicly owned legal entities that create significant added value in their field, and to companies that have their place in the market with good competitive products.

We invest in recognition as a law/legal/advisory partner and as a representative of high-tech companies, and companies that are stable, sound and honest – that care about the relationships with their internal and external publics.

We strive to become and remain the most successful and effective law firm in the region and beyond.

At the forefront, we put the needs of our clients and the challenges they face. We are guided by an approach, where lawyer’s legal assistance and counseling are the means, not the goal.


Values are crucial to us as they build, round up and define both our company as a whole and every individual in the company.

The values of our company are the guiding principles under which we operate; the core and basis for both strategic, tactical and operational decisions in our work.

We build on the promotion of quality relationships, law and justice, honesty, the rule of law, the power of argument over the argument of power, and the integrity of the law, legal and consulting profession.

Values that are both a goal and a means of decision-making are being promoted in our work and passed on to new legal generations.