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About the law firm

At the Law Firm Stušek, Ltd. we build on developing a quality attitude towards all stakeholders. We focus on the added value, commonly set goals and strive for a high level of professionalism. Our customers are provided with a single entry point to meet the challenges from different areas.

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Pravno svetovanje na daljavo

Consultancy, carried out in the form of video conferencing (voice and image) or audio conferencing (voice). It is intended for anyone who is unable to meet us in person due to time pressure, geographical, organisational or any other similiar reasons.

Varno kriptirano komuniciranje

As dictated by the nature of legal profession, where confidentiality is crucial, we provide secure encrypted connection for email and telephone communication to all clients of the Law Firm Stušek, Ltd.

Link center

We act as the Link Centre in the case of more complex matters, where it is necessary to bring together legal experts and experts of other relevant professions to provide comprehensive solutions.

The hOPS Attorney at Law application

The hOPS Attorney at Law mobile application provides instant legal guidance in various legal situations: it quickly sends a message to the attorney at law, helps to promptly secure the evidence, tells you how to act in the GDPR procedure, how to handle intrusions in the information system, and how to quickly provide the attorney at law with the key documents from the process. In the advanced version you have the option of Immediate legal assistance at the place of investigation.

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Install now

The hOPS Attorney at Law app is available in both Android and iOS version. You can download it from Google Play or the App Store by clicking on the icon below.

Video conference with our law firm

For easier and quicker communication with you, our remote clients, clients from abroad, and legal or “on-the-fly” lawyer support businesses, which are looking to work in their locations and create a multi-environment with several specialised teams that come together in a virtual conference room.

Advantages of own video conferencing solution:

  • high security (default encryption and advanced security settings) and flexibility;
  • excellent sound quality;
  • anonymity (you never need to create a user account);
  • easier remote work (desktop sharing, PPT presentations etc.);
  • quick connection of users through custom URLs (use of web browsers – no need to coordinate platforms, programmes, communication means);
  • simultaneous work on the document (we delete it via Etherpad technology).

Our communication runs effortlessly in a web browser. There is no need to install software or software applications on portable devices. In addition to the voice and video communication, the video conferencing solution offers streaming of the entire desktop, with just a few windows, with document sharing etc.


Do you need an assessment to predict the probability of success in the process?

A good knowledge about the probability of success in the process can save you a lot of money. It helps you make decisions. We advise you to obtain an assessment before or during the process, so you can decide whether to start or continue the process, and which process is the most appropriate for your case.

Specialties and areas of work

Law Firm Stušek, Ltd. covers all areas of legal/attorney representation and legal advisory services. Our specialties are:


In the time when we depend on modern information technologies, the Law Firm Stušek, Ltd. narrows the gap between law and informatics/modern technologies by combining experience in information law and modern technology law.

We offer:

  • legal advice and risk assessment in relation to business and contracting and other legal acts in the field of modern information technology
  • drafting a Non-Disclosure Agreement regarding the introduction and use of information technologies
  • preparation of copyright contracts and transfer of information technology rights
  • legal support for regulatory compliance when introducing (new) information technologies
  • preparation of claims for electronic securing of evidence for the needs of civil, criminal and other court proceedings
  • reviewing and data mining for the purposes of litigation and other proceedings
  • legal support for inspection and other procedures regarding the use of modern information technologies

We help with maintaing a good reputation and goodwill of legal persons, trademarks and natural persons.

We advise you on the procedure and communication with the media and public, as well as with your appearance on social networks.

We offer:

  • legal protection in civil and criminal proceedings in the event of interference with your personal rights
  • strategy formulation and communication with the public and the media
  • preparation of a request for publication of the correction and presentation of the opposite facts
  • managing the procedures for entry in the media register
  • legal assessment of advertising in terms of compliance with relevant regulations
  • designing and filing removal claims on foreign web portals (YouTube, Google, Facebook, etc.) in case of violation of your personal rights

Brand design strategy and representation in front of the Slovenian and European offices, as well as assistance at international level.

We manage registration, litigation and fully support the development of trademarks at the Slovenian and European level.

We are registered as professional trademark representatives with the European Union Intellectual Property Office under ID no. 80964 (EUIPO) and as representatives for Trademarks and Models at the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Slovenia under registration no. 250 (UIL RS).

We offer:

  • conducting procedures for registration of trademarks and other intellectual property rights
  • legal protection in the case of infringement of intellectual property rights
  • assistance in strategy formulation and branding within the link center (branding)
  • support for portfolio formation and management of trademarks and other intellectual property rights
  • strategic legal advice regarding the management and enforcement of your intellectual property rights
  • inquiries and legal advice on the availability and efficiency of registration for a trademark, patent, model and other intellectual property rights
  • preparation of copyright contracts, license agreements

We conduct liquidation procedures of companies and public-law entities. We provide court and out-of-court representation, and legal advice in insolvency proceedings.

We offer:

  • due-dilligence procedures
  • assessment of legal and business risks and analysis of appropriate measures
  • strategic legal advice on the proceeding of the liquidation process
  • preparation of legal acts for initiating liquidation procedures
  • conducting the liquidation process
  • representation of creditors, associates, management, parties in liquidation, and bankruptcy and compulsory settlement proceedings

Mediation is intended for natural persons, legal persons and bodies, governed by public law.

Mediation is a process of alternative dispute resolution with the help of a third – neutral – person, called mediator, who helps the parties in reaching an agreement. The mediation process is informal, but structured, and carried out in ahead-planned stages. The process is confidential, which makes the clients feel safe and helps to resolve the dispute more easily.

Advantages of the mediation process:

  • prompt and amicable settlement of the dispute
  • low-cost
  • the solution is reached in form of an agreement or a court settlement between the parties, whereby the parties have the opportunity to co-create the solution and actively cooperate
  • the solution is legally effective as soon as the agreement is signed
  • the process is voluntary and confidential
Personal data protection

Regulation and verification of compliance of operations with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation).

The Regulation provides, inter alia:

  • establishment of personal data records
  • stricter conditions for processing of personal data
  • complying with the privacy by design concept
  • preparing an impact assessment on the risks in protection of personal data
  • appointment of data protection officers
  • notifying the supervisory authority and the individuals affected in the event of a breach of personal data protection (data breach notification)
  • much higher fines for offenders: the maximum fine will thus be € 20.000.000,00 or 4% of the total annual turnover – whichever is higher
  • the possibility of obtaining certificates and adopting specific codes in the field of personal data protection.

This is one of the key topics of interest to companies’ boards, supervisory boards, entrepreneurs and IT contractors providing support to other companies.

As part of the legal advisory support in the Law Firm Stušek, Ltd., we offer comprehensive solutions, consistency of operations in the GDPR world, and protection of personal data as well as of classified information/trade secrets. Our experts have extensive experience in the field of personal data protection, and can provide you with legal advisory support to establish the specific, custom-made legal rules, required by your organization in terms of the content you need. Within the Link Centre we also provide a technical stress test. This is intended to ensure that the regulatory framework within the company is consistent with the activities of the company, and furthermore ensures compliance of the company.

Therefore, our services are not intended only for formal preparation or establishment of the rules for the legal compliance of your organisation with the GDPR, but also to ensure that you and your organisation use personal data protection as its comparative advantage, and that the actual situation is consistent with that recorded.

Commercial Law
The law of protection of personal data
Information technology law
Intellectual property law
Competition law
Compensation law
Public procurement law
Legal due diligence
Other fields of legal counselling and legal representation
Environmental protection law
Human rights law
Civil law
Production compensation law
Family law
Maritime law
Water law
Law of venture capital companies
Sports law
Labor law
Compensation law
Due diligence
Takeovers & Mergers
EU law
Gambling law
Consumer protection law
Medical law
International commercial law
State aid law
Renewable energy law
Criminal law
Advertising law
Alternative dispute resolution
Administrative law
Gun law
Food law
Tax law
Arbitration law
Aviation law
Banking law
Construction law
Energy law
Real estate law
Insurance law
International humanitarian and martial law
Transport law

Price definition

The price of attorney’s services is agreed with us in advance. After acquainting ourselves with the situation and documentation, we will be able to give you an indicative cost estimate or make an appropriate offer. We charge for attorney’s services in accordance with the applicable Attorneys Act and the Attorney’s Tariff, which also allows the conclusion of a special agreement on the (different) method of accounting. Accordingly, we offer the following billing options:

  • by the Attorneys’ Tariff
  • by the Attorneys’ Tariff – with a modified Attorney Point Value
  • by billable hours
  • by billable hours – determined by the content of the service (scattered hours)
  • lump sum – for the whole process or project
  • lump sum – for each stage of the process or project
  • other ways that are consistent with the Attorneys Act and the Attorney’s Tariff

In each case, we decide together with you for the method that is optimal in your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can contact Law Firm Stušek, Ltd. by phone: +386 (0)3 82 82 100, e-mail or in person at our branches.

For the sake of a better organisation of your and our time, we suggest booking an appointment for an introductory interview.

In the corporate and retail segment, good preparation is of the utmost importance, so we want to help you with some basic guidelines.

In order to make the introductory interview faster and more optimal, we suggest that you prepare all the relevant documentation and a brief description of the facts.

In the case of more complex matters, where it is already evident in the preparation phase that they require a project-based approach to work, we suggest that you try to anticipate the key stakeholders, and think of an indicative financial plan or evaluation, project value, allocation of appropriate resources, timeline and timetable.

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